Safety & Compliance

MacKer has the ability to assist your company with the production of safety documents, policies and procedures & various programs that can be custom tailored for your specific needs. Everything from handbooks & performance reviews to personal injury reports & vehicle collision forms; everything you need to structure your company or strengthen your current system!

Some of the current forms available:

1.    Exit Interview Form

2.    Telecommunication Manhole Pump Report

3.    Company Truck Inspection Form

4.    Typical Confined Space Entry Permit

5.    Confined Space Entry Program

6.    Confined spaces procedures

7.    Drug & Alcohol Program

8.    Employee Complaint Form

9.    Employee Disciplinary Action Form

10.   Employee Request for Time Off

11.   Excavator SOP

12.   Field Safety Inspection Checklist

13.   General Public Complaint Form

14.   HDD Inspection Form

15.   HDD SOP

16.   Heavy Equipment Inspection Forms

17.   Job Abandonment Form

18.   Lost, stolen, damage report

19.   Missing receipt form

20.   Official Handbook

21.   Performance review

22.   Personal Injury Report

23.   Pre-trip vehicle report

24.   Required items for company trucks

25.   Site Survey Sheet

26.   Utility Strike Report

27.   Vehicle collision form

28.   Welcome letter

29.   Written Program for Hearing Conservation

30.   Employee self-evaluation form

31.   Basic Contractor Agreements

MacKer has a long standing relationship with AOSH Services, LLC who is a proud member of the American Society of Safety Professionals. AOSH Services is our preferred third party safety consulting company that provides on-site training, documentation & certifications for various types of companies.


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